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Benefits of Light Duty Programs

Return to work programs are usually inclusive of light duty. They can also be alternative jobs for recovering employees. For instance you are capable of assigning less stressful or strenuous parts of the normal job of an employee. Or you can give them permission to work at a rate that is slower. Implementation of a return to work program for employees that are injured is very important. Reason being by doing that you show concern and care. Additionally, it is proof that their well-being is being valued. It also shows that you want them to get back to work as soon as they can. Discussed below are the advantages that are associated with light-duty work programs.

First and foremost light-duty work can help in the establishment of a new wage-earning capacity. This may vary as per your jurisdiction. Those workers that lost hope of ever being employed again can rise on their feet again. If it is possible for you to show them how an injured party can still do some work then you will have established a new wage-earning capacity. This implies that you are capable of taking this wage and sign them in a new full-time position. This comes in handy in a case where light-duty positions become irrelevant. Nevertheless, make sure that you consult your local legal counsel. Considering that each of these items varies depending on the area you are in.

The other benefit is associated with the fact that employee morale is boosted. Reason being it is proof of the employer’s commitment to keep them at work. In relation to mental aspects of claim. It is said that a worker that sits home normally stays there for as long as they can.?

From studies, it is seen that the longer they stay the longer they are going to get back to work. Therefore all this should be avoided and keep them working. To add to that if you permit them to make their normal wage their morale will be boosted. This is because they are free of the fear of having financial constraints hanging over them.

In conclusion, they assist in the reduction of fraudulent claims. This is attributed to the fact that they are already informed that sitting at home will hinder them from collecting money. With a formal light-duty work program the number of suspicious claims will reduce. These claims are the ones that are capable of costing the most as a result of?lengthy investigations, surveillance costs, IME costs. Yet the claims may not even be your responsibility to start with.

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